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E3 for vita 2014 sucked

sooo lets do something so sony and the media can notice the vita. Tweet #PSVitaDirect so Sony can get off their lazy ass and give a shit bout the awesome vita. Lets get one of the awesomest handhelds noticed!

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

See the gameplay above? Its a Sony First Party JRPG exclusive for the vita. Its pretty significant considering Sony hasnt made an exclusive JRPG since IIRC White Knight Chronicles. So yeah, buy if youre interested OR if you wanna show to Sony that exclusive JRPGs are in huge demand from PS fans.


i have some questions about the ps vita…

i’m thinking about buying one because of all the awesome games there are, but i don’t know if i should b/c i don’t want to spend 230,- on it now and then have to buy a newer handheld 1 year later because there aren’t games being made for the vita anymore.. 

also, i have no idea which one i should buy b/c there are options like 3G, 8gb or 16gb, wi-fi and whatnot and i have no clue. 

please give me advice

I cant send you a message or an ask so heres a reblog thingy.

First off, while Sony is shitty with vita marketing, they’re doing their best to get games on it. Japanese games are being localized, indie games are coming out on vita, cross buy games on PSN and the ports of epic games are/have come to the vita. Exclusives are few but top notch quality and as the years go by, more will come. SO yeah dont worry, the vita is getting games for quite a while. Dont forget the digital PS1/PSP compatible games on vita. It can also remote play PS4 games if you’ve got one.

If you’re buying a vita, buy the 3G one if you just like to surf everywhere. Its practically useless for online gaming. Non-3G version is the one with OLED screen and one with LCD screen, both good screens. LCD screen has longer battery life, better buttons, bigger rear touch, internal 1Gig mem card.

8GB is minimum, if you’re going physical and digital games. 16+GB mem cards are useful if you’re going full digital but damn expensive. You should wait for E3 2014 though, there might be a price drop on vita stuff or some crazy announcements. E3 is june 9 btw. BUT if you’re in a rush for on the go console gaming, vita is your best bet. Anymore questions, just ask me, a vita bro.


Lacie’s not takin’ foshizzle mah nizzle from nobody in this week’s Crazy Sunshine!


Lacie’s not takin’ foshizzle mah nizzle from nobody in this week’s Crazy Sunshine!

thanks for answering, some of those games ARE things i'd be interested in. :]

No problem. Im here to help vita owners :D

THIS is why being a brony is pretty damn interesting

Look at these video compilations. Those are just SOME of the amazing stuff this fandom has made throughout last year. So when someone asks why I watch the show and am a brony. The stuff the creative fans make will be one of the reasons.

This guy’s uploading his matches. PSASBR, you might wanna check it out. If you’ve got others, do let me know. Spectating these PSASBR matches is a dang thrill :D


Giveaway Time! 

I’ve decided to play Santa and give out free shit. Woo. The best part is it doesn’t even matter if you’re naughty or nice. Although if I see that you’re a racist asshole you probably won’t get this stuff. Just sayin’. 

The loot!

  • Pink 3DS XL
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The Rules!

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Giveaway ends December 29th, 11:29 PM!!! 

Oh Im so in on this action.

Been vita gaming alot, like usual. Flower has been damn enjoyable on the vita. Just as great as it was on PS3. Touchscreen control is the way to go folks!

Other than that, Imma try my best to finsih MGS3 HD before moving on to VK3(a huge grindfest) so I might as well complete this game first. This is another well done port of a MGS HD collection. Visuals are great but controls are damn well clunky. Also I really like using the thermal gogs. Also TIME PARADOX