Sir Gameer
thanks for answering, some of those games ARE things i'd be interested in. :]

No problem. Im here to help vita owners :D

THIS is why being a brony is pretty damn interesting

Look at these video compilations. Those are just SOME of the amazing stuff this fandom has made throughout last year. So when someone asks why I watch the show and am a brony. The stuff the creative fans make will be one of the reasons.

This guy’s uploading his matches. PSASBR, you might wanna check it out. If you’ve got others, do let me know. Spectating these PSASBR matches is a dang thrill :D


Giveaway Time! 

I’ve decided to play Santa and give out free shit. Woo. The best part is it doesn’t even matter if you’re naughty or nice. Although if I see that you’re a racist asshole you probably won’t get this stuff. Just sayin’. 

The loot!

  • Pink 3DS XL
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf game
  • ACNL guidebook

The Rules!

  • One reblog and one like per person
  • You have to be willing to give me your address so I can mail it!
  • You don’t have to be following me, but I may throw in extra goodies if you are :3

Giveaway ends December 29th, 11:29 PM!!! 

Oh Im so in on this action.

Been vita gaming alot, like usual. Flower has been damn enjoyable on the vita. Just as great as it was on PS3. Touchscreen control is the way to go folks!

Other than that, Imma try my best to finsih MGS3 HD before moving on to VK3(a huge grindfest) so I might as well complete this game first. This is another well done port of a MGS HD collection. Visuals are great but controls are damn well clunky. Also I really like using the thermal gogs. Also TIME PARADOX

Man, the final levels were such a freaking PAIN IN THE ASS compared to all the other levels. Every was enjoyable except the final ones :L Other than that, Rayman Origins was fantastic game to play while working.

Awesome art and animations, smooth framerate, and best defined as a plain old fun platformer. Thanks to PS+, I have become a huge fan of this Rayman series. Will have to buy Rayman Legends in the future :D


Even though Tearaway is a single player game; a personal journey shared by you, and your little messenger friend, iota or atoi, we couldn’t resist giving Tearaway players the chance to express them selves creatively. We’ve already talked at length about the oodles of papercraft models you can…

Mm leaks creative in all of their pores. Cannot wait to buy this and play exclusively on my vita :D All vita owners should buy it too!


This is good and bad. Good cause Sega is a MP company and now Sony and Nintendo get their respective power properties which is respectively Persona and SMT series. Bad cause its fucking Sega, they suck with localizations. Look at that Miku PS Vita game. They localized the PS3 version but not the vita version. Yakuza 5 is already out but Sega says no to English speaking countries. 

Even Helghans need money to fight off the ISA scum! Buy KZ Mercenary on PS Vita and help this Helghan soldier get back into the killzone!

Doing investigation bout DWM

So this all started with Pinkie’s Blog poster complaining cause a child she was looking after pointed out at a Celestia toy and claimed she raped people. She said she found ‘Molestia’ by googling Celestia in images. So I tried that and googled images of Celestia, looking through several pages down, even going back from 2011 to 2013 dates, once with safesearch on then off, the things i found were some fan arts of Celestia, odder fan arts, perverted fan arts, luna, and images of some universe. The only images of Molestia that came up were from Know Your Meme which on the site say not safe for work. And there were only 2-3 images found on google image.

Take that how you will. Im indifferent to whether this thing ever comes to fruition or not.